Products & services

We are focused on processing production scraps and purified post-consumer waste in polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS), flexible PVC and elastomers (TPE) such as SBS, SEBS, EVA, TPU, etc.

The waste streams we treat originate from the petrochemical and plastic converting industry. After processing, our granules are used in various applications, such as automotive, contruction, agriculture, household items, etc.

Shredding / Grinding / Dedusting

With a shredder, voluminous material can be reduced in volume and then grinded to the required size. If the regrind contains too much dust or too many fibres, we can offer extra dedusting.


Through friction, light waste such as foils, foamed plastic,… is compacted into pellets that can be used for extrusion, injection moulding or compounding.


Our principal activity is the extrusion of plastic waste into a high-quality granule. Our high-performance extrusion lines are all equipped with grinding or compacting units. This enables us to easily process all types of plastic waste, ranging from powders, foils, lumps to rejected products. Several filtration techniques allow us to process slightly contaminated plastic waste and complexes.

Big bag

After extrusion, the granules are homogenized and controlled in our labatory to be finally packed in big bags / octabins or being delivered in bulk.

Purchasing of plastic waste & service work

We are continuously looking for clean production waste. We are open to service work, recycling or compounding projects in all types of plastics.